As library goers and researches alike move on into a new decade it is obvious that the improvements in technology, especially in informatics are great. These improvements are playing a key role in shaping our society.

One area that shows how achievements in improving digital technology are shaping our society is in libraries. The libraries, once the necessity in any research and one stop for quality resources, have now been forced to change their policies. From supplying websites in which all seekers of knowledge can browse and study without leaving the comfort of their homes, to supplying e books and internet database systems, it is obvious that the role of any library today has undergone a huge transformation from one we would have seen just 10 to 15 years ago.

IT (Information Technology) has a vital role to play in libraries in our modern era. From supplying websites/database systems to VRE’s (Virtual Research Environments).

This blog will explore how libraries have adapted their role to incorporate advances in Information Technology into the service they provide.