Libraries & the web

Above is a video that talks about the difference between using the Web for  information and using the Library for information.

I found this video very relevant in respect to what i am writing about.

It is clear to all internet users that the web is a place for information, new information is uploaded to the web every day and a lot of this can be very insightful and interesting. However, Information on the web tends to be unorganized. This is where good collaboration between Libraries and the Digital Technology can really do a lot for students and researchers alike.

By creating organised searching on their websites, Libraries can help provided students and researchers with quality reviewed and relevant material in which they can purchase or read online. It can also help users to find the most recent material on their topic of interest as well as historical resources.

The collaboration between Libraries and the web greatly improves the service provided to students and of course , in most cases, the material becomes free for students to use as they are supporting the libraries by paying tuition fees.


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