Statistics can help to show the influence Information Technology has had on how Libraries operate and share their expertise with the world.

I have researched many papers on this topic but i have found one particular source by far the most helpful, That is ‘doing more with’e” by Monica Crump.

The statistics provided on this site come largely from the source provided above.

Physical vs Online visits to the James Hardiman Library, Galway

Physical journal vs Online journal use by frequent journal users

As you can see from the stats provided, the added dimension as far as finding information added by Information Technology proves to be a useful resource to Libraries.

Not only does making use of the library website prove to be more popular than physically visiting the library, it also allows students and researchers to have much more access to information.

The Library website can allow people browsing the site to search for books on their topic of interest and this search can provide access to much more sources that would not have been available with a physical visit to the library.

The lack of physical memory taken up by online resources allows the libraries to provide a much larger range of resources on any topic of interest. This would not have been available without advancements in Information Technology.


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